Greeting Cards for Men

August 22, 2018

SNAFU has great funny greeting cards for men. Our cards offer just the right tone of sarcasm that guys like, and although we offer plenty of fart cards, we don’t just rely on potty humor. There are designs for men of all ages, but particularly men who are “getting older”. For these men, often a good laugh is all they need for a gift!

Here are some of our best selling greeting cards for men, whether he’s your brother, partner, boss, dad or grandpa:

BD218 – a birthday card for a young at heart guy or someone of a certain age who is attached to his phone.

BD232, BD221 – Fart cards… always a good choice!

BD201, BD214, BD161 – For a man who has a good sense of humor about getting older, or knocking on that door!

BD230 – speaks for itself!

BD216 – great for a brother or old college friend.

In our birthday cards category, you can also filter those designs "For Guys" to find designs that would appeal to men.

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