About Snafu

Snafu Designs is a line of humorous paper greeting cards, located in St. Paul, Minnesota. We also have a line of colorful everyday cards called Cabaloona Cards.


How SNAFU Cards Came to Be

There’s an ad out now listing various companies that were started in a garage. Add SNAFU Designs to the list (however technically, it was started in a basement--of my parents’ home).Growing up, I loved to draw, and spent countless hours filling up sketch pads with cartoons of goofy looking people and animals. When it came time for college, I did what every aspiring artist does whose parents were footing the bill, I majored in economics.

After graduation, with plenty of extra time on my hands, I started drawing again. My childhood cartooning bug had come back, and it bit me hard!I managed to sell a few cartoons to some magazines and newspapers, but really enjoyed applying the cartoons to greeting cards. It was thrilling to have stores order the cards I drew... and reorder them! My line gradually started attracting more sales reps, and SNAFU greeting cards began to pop up in stores across the country.

I’m happy to report, that SNAFU Designs is no longer headquartered out of my parents’ basement. (They kicked me out years ago). We now occupy a 1,200 square foot warehouse, and continue to grow. Today the cards sell in most of the 50 U.S. states and also in Canada.

Looking back, I remember sitting in that basement and wondering what I would be doing in ten years. I am happy to say, ten years have come and passed, and although I have a little less hair to show for it, I am still doing what I’ve always loved to do...drawing cartoons!


Snafu Cards are produced and printed in the USA