Cards for Promoting a Business

March 11, 2019

Cards for Promoting a Business

Sending a memorable greeting card is a simple and inexpensive way to stay connected to customers. Whether it's sending them a unique birthday card, a funny Christmas card or a "just touching base" card periodically, it reminds them that you're thinking of them have a valuable service to offer.

We can personalize any design with your logo or signature. Call us for pricing information, and discounts are available when ordering a larger quantity of cards.

A few suggestions are shown in the graphic, left to right:

BD023 – to send to your male customers

BD142 – for anyone, from anyone!

BD156 – If you have a golfing relationship with your customer, this is a little “dig”

LF037 – Good, general keeping in touch card

TY018 – A funny thank you card for any of your customers! We could customize the art to be from a man.

These are some of the professions that have used our cards to promote their businesses:

Real Estate Agents (Realtors)
Mortgage Bankers
Financial Advisors
Fitness Instructors
Insurance Agents
Sales people

Want to know more about personalizing a design? Give us a call! 1-651-698-8581

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